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Bronchoscopy Thailand, Lung Cancer Bronchoscopy, Biospsy

With the help of Bronchoscopy technique one can have look inside the lungs and large airways of human anatomy. In this a small tube having instrument called Bronchoscopy is inserted through mouth or nose which allows the practitioner to have an inside look of the patients body and check the lungs for any disease, tumor or mucous and see if there is any problem with breathing system. This procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. Sometimes, a piece of tissue as a specimen may also be taken for in-depth study. This is known as biopsy.

There are basically two methods to go about this procedure- first is rigid Bronchoscopy which is used to search any foreign objects, this method involves the use of lumen while the second one is flexible Bronchoscopy which involves the use of fiberoptic system to transfer image to eyepiece or video camera at the other end. The flexible Bronchoscopy is more comfortable for the patients as compared to rigid Bronchoscopy and hence it is more commonly used these days.

The Bronchoscopy is used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. During Bronchoscopy patient is made comfortable on couch either in sitting or lying position. Then the intravenous injection and throat spray will be given by the endoscopist. Depending on the location from where the tube is to be inserted the drugs will be given that is if it is to be inserted via nose then anesthetic jelly is used and if tube is to be inserted via mouth then mouth guard is placed between teeth so as to keep the mouth open to protect bronchoscope. Also the pulse and oxygen level is continuously monitored. The Bronchoscopy is inserted gently and also some local anesthesia might be given if needed which may make patient cough a bit initially but will make him feel relax after some time. Also extra oxygen might be given if needed and as the procedure is finished all these things along with bronchoscope will be removed.

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